Welcome to this online community designed for anyone suffering the effects of addiction, which includes users, families and friends.

This website is designed to give you a space to listen to others, not judge or be judged negatively. This is a path of recovery shared with constructive advice from people who have been where you are now.

Please watch this 12 minute film and if you are inspired, join our community.

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This project was created by people who have a deep love and interest in changing attitudes to this condition. It has taken over a year of loving attention to complete. Any money received is used to help keep this website running and supports the film being shown in as many places as possible, particularly where there is little opportunity of watching films and those without access to the internet. No one receives a wage from any donations.


Once you have subscribed, you will be presented with our community page, where our 90 minute film is divided into 8 sections, each with a question that explores an area of addiction.

When you have listened to the inspiring insights from these brave people, you can then visit the video page and listen to complete interviews from those you relate to the most from the documentary. There are more being added regularly. Please be patient as we put them in place. If you have your own story you would like to add, this is also going to be possible.

We also ask you to use these films to encourage those around you to have their own ‘Talking Addiction’ discussions.

You are invited to visit the forum page, where you can chat to others in this community, plus many experts, who have spent years learning from those who are affected by addiction, including many of those in the film.

On our resources page you are welcome to contact the innovative support networks of trusted professionals, many of whom have successfully managed their own addictive tendencies. Here you can get in touch with the personal attention you deserve.

We sincerely welcome you to a world of shared possibilities.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Wendy Mass


“I found ‘Talking Addictions’ support invaluable last year when I was at my wits end worrying about how to handle my alcoholic son.
This first hand experience of the situation, I was faced with, clearly guided me and confirmed that I was dealing with it the best way possible, for it is difficult to know how to handle such a problem when confronted with it. Although this is an on-going issue, I have little doubt in my heart, that personally I have done all I can to help my son and now it is down to him to want to get help.
‘Talking Addictions’ support was invaluable in me reaching this point of acceptance.
Trudy Millman

“We all need to think differently about addiction, if we’re going to overcome the stigma and delusions around this subject. Every film, every book, every conversation that moves us forward brings us closer to ending the war on addicts, and towards a system based on love and compassion.”
Johann Hari
(Author of Chasing The Scream)

“Reading your posts, it made me wonder what use my experience can have. It also gave me a feeling that it’s time for me to start talking about it!”
Tamara Sertic

I am a recovering heroin addict. 27 years clean. I know a thing or two about addiction. So many of us self medicate without even realizing it. All the best with your wonderful work.

Carli SuSu

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“One of the powerful things film can do is build bridges between my experience and your experience. My experience of people in chronic addiction is simply human beings doing their best in pain.”

Catherine Dunne